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Having good credit in today's sophisticated and fast-paced economy is a basic requirement to achieving financial success.
And that's why we're excited you found us!

We specialize in helping you "get smart about your credit" so you can have - and keep - the A+ credit you deserve!

Most people will struggle with some type of
credit issue at some point in their lives...

... and in our "buy now, pay later" debt-ridden society, that really shouldn't come as a surprise. Credit affects everyone, and there is hardly any area of life that it does not impact. Credit can determine:

• where you live
• the jobs you get
• the type of car you drive
• the insurance rates you pay
• your ability to get a bank account
• your access to capital for your business
• the business opportunities you take advantage of
• how much interest you pay on loans and credit cards
• whether you have to pay a security deposit to acquire utilities or a cell phone

and the list goes on and on...

Yet as important as credit is, every single day far too many people make unwise credit decisions, get denied business loans, become a victim of identity theft, or get taken advantage of by a credit bureau, creditor, or collection agency, simply because they were ill-prepared or just didn't know any better.

Well, at Credit Hour we believe that when you know better, you do better. And it is our business to help you know better, so you can
get the A+ credit you want and need!

So get smart about your credit TODAY!

Enroll in one of our consumer credit or business credit courses, and start experiencing life with better credit!


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